Epoflex PU

EPOFLEX PU is a two pack epoxy resin coating modified to impart toughness, resilience and waterproofing properties to the cured film. The abrasion and impact resistance, together with the
low temperature flexibility and excellent adhesion to concrete, make Epoflex PU an ideal material for use as a membrane subjected to vehicular traffic. By broadcasting a layer of silica sand or
calcined bauxite between coats, a non-slip or non-skid profile can be used.

Epoflex PU is used as a waterproof, tough, chemical resistant membrane for car parks, ramps, plant rooms, walkways etc, particularly where it is important for the cured membrane to retain a degree of flexibility.

• Tough and hardwearing
• Flexible
• Low odour during application
• Good water and weathering resistance
• Excellent abrasion and impact resistance
• Non-slip or non-skid finish available