Epoprime W

EPOPRIME W is a two pack water dispersible epoxy based primer. It is solvent free and of low odour and may be applied to dry or damp surfaces to provide a suitable key for subsequent coatings and screeds. Epoprime W has excellent adhesion to most building materials, is non-toxic once cured, and consequently is a highly versatile material lending itself to application in many different applications.

Epoprime W can be used as a damp tolerant surface primer for application prior to subsequent epoxy coatings and cementitious screeds. It may also be used as a clear sealer for concrete surfaces
in food factories, chemical bunds, abattoirs and  laboratories etc.

• Solvent free, low odour
• Excellent chemical resistance
• Excellent adhesion to most building materials
• Damp tolerant
• Tough and durable