Hydroseal CR

HYDROSEAL CR is a two component, water based, epoxy and polymer modified cementitious coating for the protection of concrete and ferrous metals. Advanced cement chemistry, microsilica, fibre, epoxy and styrene acrylic copolymer technology provide multi-functional protection with enhanced chemical resistance. Hydroseal CR is designed for easy application by brush or spray to give a smooth finish without sagging. Hydrates to a dense, highly alkaline coating with polymeric and resinous properties, offering low permeability to water and very high diffusion resistance to chloride ions and oxygen, to ensure long term protection. Hydroseal CR can be reinforced with Hydroband 2000 to accommodate movement around details and over cracks and joints.

Hydroseal CR incorporates the benefits of Copolymer technology and epoxy resins into a water-based cementitious system to provide a hard durable coating with excellent resistance to water chloride ions, oxygen and aggressive chemicals. It is used as a stand alone anti-corrosion coating for non-ferrous metals as well as waterproofing and protection of concrete where enhanced chemical and abrasion resistance is required.

• Excellent abrasion and impact resistance
• Resistant to a large range of chemicals including hydrogen sulphide
• Excellent adhesion to cementitious and steel substrates
• Water-based products, cures without the release of solvents. Easily cleaned with water
• Pre-packed in convenient and easy to handle packs for on site mixing
• Resistant to 10 Bar negative and positive water pressure

• Very high diffusion resistance to carbon dioxide gas and chloride irons