Prem-Top 720

PREM-TOP 720 is a free flowing, protein free, self smoothing industrial flooring system, which is obtained by mixing water with a selected pre-blended formulation utilising high quality raw

Prem-Top 720 has been designed as a hard wearing floor topping for use where heavy industrial traffic is to be utilised and for warehouse racking aisles. Prem-Top 720 is suitable for use as the wearing surface or can receive resin coatings. When laid at thicknesses from 6mm to 20mm it is suitable for use in warehouses or internal industrial situations where there is a need for a smooth surface which has excellent impact and abrasion resistance.

• Ease of application by pump or manually
• Rapid drying characteristics facilitate rapid return to service
• 2-4 hour walk on time @ 20°C.
• Excellent abrasion and impact resistance
• Low odour
• Self-smoothing and highly fluid
• Laying rates in excess of 1000 M2 per day can be achieved
• Suitable for use as a final wearing surface