Prodasil 968

 PRODASIL 968 is a water based mixture of silane, siloxane and synthetic resins which imparts maximum water and oil repellency to mineral substrates such as concrete, stone, brick etc. Unlike traditional water-repellents it offers multifunctional protection from water, oil, grease, paint, etc, thereby enabling easier cleaning and removal of graffitti, posters, etc. It penetrates the surface
pores to minimise its effect on the appearance of the substrate and has minimal effect on the water
diffusion characteristics.

Prodasil 968 is a surface impregnant which can be applied to concrete, brick, stone etc, to impart water and oil repellency. This helps protect the substrate from water and oil ingress and enhances freeze thaw resistance whilst enabling easier removal of oil, grease, paint graffiti etc. It is particularly suited to the treatment of car park decks and other areas where oil repellency is required.