Prodasil AC

PRODASIL AC is a water dispersed acrylic resin latex based hardener and dust proofer for application to concrete floors, screeds and mortars that are friable and dusting. The product may also be used as a dust proofer for blockwork and rendered walls as well as sealing porous surfaces. Prodasil AC is a single pack product supplied in plastic containers ready for immediate site use. The latex is applied to the floor section using a soft broom or squeegee. For large areas the product may be applied by spray. The low viscosity of Prodasil AC enables rapid absorption into the floor
surface after application. In most applications two coats are sufficient to reinforce the surface. For very porous screeds a third coat may be required. For very dense surfaces such as granolithics or power floated floors Prodasil AC should be diluted one to one with clean water.
• Reinforcing of friable floor screeds
• Dustproofing concrete floors
• Dustproofing blockwork and rendered walls
• Reinforcement of lime/sand mortars
• Sealing porous brick/block work